Behind the scenes with MARUU Leather model photo shoot for bucketbag

Lets begin by telling how much trouble it was for our team to wait for right weather. Here in Latvian capital Riga it was middle of winter and just as we got ready for day of the photography session thaw hit us and for two whole weeks it was pouring rain and wet snow. 

At last the heavens opened and we saw our first opportunity for photo shoot  in sunny skies. As we already had made photos with Maruu Leather's bucketbag in urban environment location was found under Island bridge in Riga on pedestrian crosswalk and also on crosswalk that goes underneath road from warehouse district to river Daugava. 

Island Bridge Riga

Crosswalk bucketbag photo session

We always have felt that each product has its own soul and environment in which it is born in. So for bucketbag Maruu Leather model photography the main idea was to go through all the associations where one broke out as the main identity which was the city with its urban setting. As you know in winter city is pretty grim place to be....its dark, humid and not much of snowy whiteness can be seen. With that in mind our makeup artist  Dace transformed model in grayish and a bit rough element from capital that represented contrast between our easy going creative design for bucketbag and gloomy environment.

Make up Maruu Leather

Bucketbag photo session

Further down the line all went great...we finished early and our bucketbag got its share of attention. The results can be seen here!

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