Designing and adjusting Maruu Leather style!

   Our Maruu Leather Tote bag has long been one of our favorite products. We ourselves love this bag so much that we can't even imagine going outside without it. But this has been long time of careful design planning and adjusting small details to suit our taste. Each evolution comes with new trials of implementing ideas into reality and making them more user friendly as well as attractive!

The core process stays the same as we will sew this bag carefully with hand making it super sturdy and durable! All the changes that we make are only visual!

Here you can see our most recent changes in the Tote design:

Old quadruple design

Whire tote bag

New more roundish design without circle in middle

   We really think that these adjustments makes Maruu Tote more interesting and austere! What do you think? Maybe you have suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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