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Jump into summer with these crazy fanny packs!

Put your big bags away for summer! We have prapared these middle sized fanny packs that will make you shine! Choose your colour here or make your own!

bumbag fannypack

bumbag fannypack

We made them super durable with inside lining and one outside pocket! Also the belt is adjustable to every height and body type! We both can't get enough of them as these are easily becoming our everyday go to bags! Check them out! 

Purchase bright Maruu Leather gift cards!

Purchase bright Maruu Leather gift cards!

Hello friends,

There have been many requests for Maruu Leather gift card, so here it is ready in all its glory. Just message us and tell what will be its value and we will send it to you. 

Maruu Leather Gift Card

Also check out our product catalog as we have updated our bags with some new autumn colors. And as always, if you wish to make a bag with your own color, then let us know!

Gray Tote bag

All the best from...

Maruu Leather at Design market in Riga

Maruu Leather at Design market in Riga

    Spring came with us participating in Baltic Design market in Latvian capital Riga. Here we are waiting to meet you guys.

Dizaina tirgus

It was great experience where we found new insights firsthand from our followers and new friends alike. It's good to talk eye to eye and get new ideas about products or to exchange information for later collaborations. Some ideas repeat more often than others and those are the ones to whom we pay most attention. For example, we had multiple requests to make shoulder straps for clutch...

Colourful Monkey Year

Colourful Monkey Year

MARŮŮ has just finished celebrating the coming of monkey year and has made some new surprises in many different colours. There are all kind of natural tones to choose from and its even possible to tell me your own preferable tint for your bag if you wish so. 


So don't wait and follow this link to my new collection that is made for both Her and Him.

And of course i wish everyone prolific wild and unimaginably fun year. With all my dreams and cosmic powers i send to you just the "bestest" wishes.




Whats your colour?!?

I have been making bags in various colours for a while and didn't even notice how important they are also for my personality and mood of that day. At first i thought that couple of classic colours would suffice but as i started working with them i couldn't stop and needed more for diversity. After a while i concluded that i was making these bags in combination with your needs and my taste of that actual colour tone in each individual moment while i was making them.

You can look at my colours here -