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Biggest sale ever!

Maruu Leather is making our biggest sale yet - from totes and leather clutch bags to stylish fanny packs and cosy backpacks! We want our bags to get to you no matter what, if you been thinking about purchasing one, now is the best time as these prices will not get any lower! ☺️

Maruu Leather sale
We are making big changes so some of our products won't be made anew and others will get a big makeover. Maruu Leather is working hard on giving best quality and design so all the funds from sale will go on to further advance our quality with better fittings and leather!

So get your fovourite bag now and stay tuned for some great news!

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Some more collaboration with Vanity Fair

As festive winter holidays came close we decided that it would be great if we could get more exposure from some respectful source as Vanity Fair that we already did one photo session for!

So for December issue that came out it November we decided to advertise for our most popular product - leather handbag! As we also needed great outfit, came cooperation with renown designer Natalija Jansone from Latvia! Our goal was to represent the indigo colored bag in blue tones all around so we chose one of Natalijas Breitling short coats!

Here is the final result that fused greatly with magazines cover with royal British family! 

Vanity Fair Indigo HandbagVanity Fair

Next was January issue that came about in December! For this we chose our black leather backpack and decided to play with contrasting red tones! Our friend and one of our models Laura Birša from textile design faculty presented her custom made jumper for this session together with accessories from local design brand NADA! We are really happy for results here as photos came out great!

Vanity Fair

So which photo session do you liked the most? Let us know!!!

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Maruu Leather in Vanity Fair London November issue!

It has been great month for us, not only we have made a new handbag but also got a publication in Vanity Fair London! 

Lets start with new reconstructed handbag! More or less our collections grow organically from previous efforts making sure that all the aspects of design and usabilty are in par with our high quality standarts that just grows higher with each new model! This time we took some time to look at crossbags and after many suggestions thought about ways how to improve it so it becomes even more convenient! There was a need for these bags to have a handle and also a sturdier bottom so we made them so and also changed the looks of opening so the zipper now more naturally blends in with rest of the body! Here is a link to these new handbags - ! 

Bright blue handbag

Our second effort was to make a publication for Vanity Fair London best dressed insert! In November issue you can see a recommendation from them to buy our Autumn bestseller Tote bag! If you haven't seen them already then take a look at our newest tones speacially adjusted for this season -

Also we did make a great photo session for this occasion in collaboration with Dace Bahmann apparel designer where we used her beautiful globba coat! Here you can see the results!

Maruu Leather tote bag

Maruu Leather tote bag

Maruu Leather tote bag

Stay tuned for more news as we have big plans for holiday season! 

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Jump into summer with these crazy fanny packs!

Put your big bags away for summer! We have prapared these middle sized fanny packs that will make you shine! Choose your colour here or make your own!

bumbag fannypack

bumbag fannypack

We made them super durable with inside lining and one outside pocket! Also the belt is adjustable to every height and body type! We both can't get enough of them as these are easily becoming our everyday go to bags! Check them out! 

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It's a bird... It's a plane... It's Maruu Leather spring season crossbag clutch

We welcome new season with our favourite product that has now returned even better than before with built in zipper and embedded with lining! 

Here we can see them flying home after long winter hibernation! :)

New season clutch bags

Sorry friends that you had to wait so long as we had many private orders and we made all the finishing touches to our latest backpacks! 

All in all we are very happy with the results and hope that you will like them too!

White leather clutch bag

Yellow leather clutch bag 

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Getting ready for the new season!

These have been a busy couple of months here at Maruu Leather workshop! By many requests we finally made our leather backpack designs ready for you! As you saw earlier we made three different designs for these bags until we fell in love with this one!

Black leather backpack

Secondly there will be coming many new colourful clutch bags or as we like to call them moonbags! We made completely new design for them that you can see below!

All these new models are available already at our shop

Feel free to check them out  and give a shout if you want your own colour!

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Quick inside look into bag making on television

Happy new year!

Here at Maruu Leather our first day of the year started with showing a little inside look into our workshop and of course process of bagmaking!

Oskars made our most popular product - red clutch bag with a little help of Maruu Leather designer Maruta!

Thats it for now, we are making more surprises this year so stay tuned!



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Designing and adjusting Maruu Leather style!

   Our Maruu Leather Tote bag has long been one of our favorite products. We ourselves love this bag so much that we can't even imagine going outside without it. But this has been long time of careful design planning and adjusting small details to suit our taste. Each evolution comes with new trials of implementing ideas into reality and making them more user friendly as well as attractive!

The core process stays the same as we will sew this bag carefully with hand making it super sturdy and durable! All the changes that we make are only visual!

Here you can see our most recent changes in the Tote design:

Old quadruple design

Whire tote bag

New more roundish design without circle in middle

   We really think that these adjustments makes Maruu Tote more interesting and austere! What do you think? Maybe you have suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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Purchase bright Maruu Leather gift cards!

Hello friends,

There have been many requests for Maruu Leather gift card, so here it is ready in all its glory. Just message us and tell what will be its value and we will send it to you. 

Maruu Leather Gift Card

Also check out our product catalog as we have updated our bags with some new autumn colors. And as always, if you wish to make a bag with your own color, then let us know!

Gray Tote bag

All the best from Kristiāns and Maruta!

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Using your own leather accessories

     In process of making all the leather products you sometimes forget that you make them not just for clientele but also for yourself. For us at Maruu Leather it has been already two years in which we have worn and tested different kind of leather products.       This creation of  product from scratch makes you always think beforehand if you will wear it when it is finished and just after confirmation from yourself it is ready to be placed in existence. It is funny that in the making you always think that you are creating this beautiful bag for you client but just after it is finished you come to conclusion that this is the bag that you have always wanted.

Leather clutch bag

    From that point of view it is great because you can always make things that you like and it is even greater when you see that other people like them as much as you do. With that in mind for us this is the best job in the world and we will strive to make many more colorful leather goods to share with you.

Leather Bucketbag

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