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Some more collaboration with Vanity Fair

As festive winter holidays came close we decided that it would be great if we could get more exposure from some respectful source as Vanity Fair that we already did one photo session for!

So for December issue that came out it November we decided to advertise for our most popular product - leather handbag! As we also needed great outfit, came cooperation with renown designer Natalija Jansone from Latvia! Our goal was to represent the indigo colored bag in blue tones all around so we chose one of Natalijas Breitling short coats!

Here is the final result that fused greatly with magazines cover with royal British family! 

Vanity Fair Indigo HandbagVanity Fair

Next was January issue that came about in December! For this we chose our black leather backpack and decided to play with contrasting red tones! Our friend and one of our models Laura Birša from textile design faculty presented her custom made jumper for this session together with accessories from local design brand NADA! We are really happy for results here as photos came out great!

Vanity Fair

So which photo session do you liked the most? Let us know!!!

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Maruu Leather in Vanity Fair London November issue!

It has been great month for us, not only we have made a new handbag but also got a publication in Vanity Fair London! 

Lets start with new reconstructed handbag! More or less our collections grow organically from previous efforts making sure that all the aspects of design and usabilty are in par with our high quality standarts that just grows higher with each new model! This time we took some time to look at crossbags and after many suggestions thought about ways how to improve it so it becomes even more convenient! There was a need for these bags to have a handle and also a sturdier bottom so we made them so and also changed the looks of opening so the zipper now more naturally blends in with rest of the body! Here is a link to these new handbags - ! 

Bright blue handbag

Our second effort was to make a publication for Vanity Fair London best dressed insert! In November issue you can see a recommendation from them to buy our Autumn bestseller Tote bag! If you haven't seen them already then take a look at our newest tones speacially adjusted for this season -

Also we did make a great photo session for this occasion in collaboration with Dace Bahmann apparel designer where we used her beautiful globba coat! Here you can see the results!

Maruu Leather tote bag

Maruu Leather tote bag

Maruu Leather tote bag

Stay tuned for more news as we have big plans for holiday season! 

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Behind the scenes with MARUU Leather model photo shoot for bucketbag

Lets begin by telling how much trouble it was for our team to wait for right weather. Here in Latvian capital Riga it was middle of winter and just as we got ready for day of the photography session thaw hit us and for two whole weeks it was pouring rain and wet snow. 

At last the heavens opened and we saw our first opportunity for photo shoot  in sunny skies. As we already had made photos with Maruu Leather's bucketbag in urban environment location was found under Island bridge in Riga on pedestrian crosswalk and also on crosswalk that goes underneath road from warehouse district to river Daugava. 

Island Bridge Riga

Crosswalk bucketbag photo session

We always have felt that each product has its own soul and environment in which it is born in. So for bucketbag Maruu Leather model photography the main idea was to go through all the associations where one broke out as the main identity which was the city with its urban setting. As you know in winter city is pretty grim place to be....its dark, humid and not much of snowy whiteness can be seen. With that in mind our makeup artist  Dace transformed model in grayish and a bit rough element from capital that represented contrast between our easy going creative design for bucketbag and gloomy environment.

Make up Maruu Leather

Bucketbag photo session

Further down the line all went great...we finished early and our bucketbag got its share of attention. The results can be seen here!

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Handy leather bucketbags are here

Last weekend MARŮŮ made new bag that felt just right for urban environment. Design was minimalistic with clear patterns that could withstand rough and fast going fashion pressure so it would always look topical and right with apparel. 

It was clear that for a photoshoot we wanted to make something different and a little more urban. At first we thought about Riga views but they all seemed a little bit too casual and unoriginal so we came to conclusion that we must go somewhere else. MARŮŮ team packed bags and traveled to Estonian capital Tallinn. 

We had great evening and next morning took photoshoot at the artists retreat near railroad. Weather was just right and we made some great pics. 

Soon these bags will be available at but if you want them now you can contact me sooner.

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