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Biggest sale ever!

Maruu Leather is making our biggest sale yet - from totes and leather clutch bags to stylish fanny packs and cosy backpacks! We want our bags to get to you no matter what, if you been thinking about purchasing one, now is the best time as these prices will not get any lower! ☺️

Maruu Leather sale
We are making big changes so some of our products won't be made anew and others will get a big makeover. Maruu Leather is working hard on giving best quality and design so all the funds from sale will go on to further advance our quality with better fittings and leather!

So get your fovourite bag now and stay tuned for some great news!

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Lets dive into spring with new fabric totes!

We are getting ready for spring and for that we have made our first new seasons model  - fabric tote bag with leather details! We are experiencing great interest in totes as also one of our long standing best seller is leather tote bag! 

After some consideration and feedback from clients we have understood that sometimes you just want simpler and more accessible bag for everyday use. So we made it mostly with waterproof fabric and sturdy leather straps. Bag came out very spacious and is already a favorite among Maruu Leather team!

fabric tote

Check the first colors here -

Or as usual you can order your custom color from us! 

These are just first steps and news for 2019 seasons models so stay tuned for more later!!!

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Getting ready for the new season!

These have been a busy couple of months here at Maruu Leather workshop! By many requests we finally made our leather backpack designs ready for you! As you saw earlier we made three different designs for these bags until we fell in love with this one!

Black leather backpack

Secondly there will be coming many new colourful clutch bags or as we like to call them moonbags! We made completely new design for them that you can see below!

All these new models are available already at our shop

Feel free to check them out  and give a shout if you want your own colour!

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Designing and adjusting Maruu Leather style!

   Our Maruu Leather Tote bag has long been one of our favorite products. We ourselves love this bag so much that we can't even imagine going outside without it. But this has been long time of careful design planning and adjusting small details to suit our taste. Each evolution comes with new trials of implementing ideas into reality and making them more user friendly as well as attractive!

The core process stays the same as we will sew this bag carefully with hand making it super sturdy and durable! All the changes that we make are only visual!

Here you can see our most recent changes in the Tote design:

Old quadruple design

Whire tote bag

New more roundish design without circle in middle

   We really think that these adjustments makes Maruu Tote more interesting and austere! What do you think? Maybe you have suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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Maruu Leather at Design market in Riga

    Spring came with us participating in Baltic Design market in Latvian capital Riga. Here we are waiting to meet you guys.

Dizaina tirgus

It was great experience where we found new insights firsthand from our followers and new friends alike. It's good to talk eye to eye and get new ideas about products or to exchange information for later collaborations. Some ideas repeat more often than others and those are the ones to whom we pay most attention. For example, we had multiple requests to make shoulder straps for clutch bags...after some consideration we decided that it is time to make them with possibility of removal if you like to wear it as a regular clutch. In the end it was a great idea which also represented itself in our sales. 

Now we are getting ready for the next Design market here in Riga on April 8 and later on May 13. With coming of Spring we decided to also update our models with new colors which we will present there at the market. 


Gray Tote

If you are interested in getting our newer models firsthand, please write or call us. But, if you want to meet us in person and get these bags with little discount, then see you at Baltic Design market.

More information here -


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