About Us

MARŮŮ is handcrafted leather accessory shop that specializes in minimalistic but colorful design. All products are made exclusively by leather designer Maruta Zariņa.

For MARŮŮ each moment in life manifests itself through some colourful memory. Be it in black and white or bright pink all the same these colours makes us feel something deep inside that we cannot express with words!  The idea for our design grows from this concept that each of us wants to be reminded of some bright moment that builds us who we are! So one of the best ways to carry around good colourful vibes would surely be in a bag that is made with your own tint that you can choose from us personally!

In our workshop each leather peace is handpicked from high quality cow leather and examined before sewing together mixing hand and machine techniques for best durability and looks. After that each design is worn by MARŮŮ team to find out if something has to be improved. In the end we get finished product which we guarantee is well built to withstand every blow that time and nature throws at you.